Will There Be a Sophomore Field Trip Soon?

Julia Koperski

Everybody has a field trip except Sophomores. Freshman go to Medieval Times, Juniors go to Washington D.C. and Seniors go to Busch Gardens. But why do Sophomores not have a field trip? To figure out the answer to this question, a professional in the academic field to helped out. Sherri Morris is the Dean of Students at Cosby High School.

Morris says, “Sophomores do not have as many electives as Freshman, Juniors, and Seniors do, because [of this] they would miss more important classes.” In her professional opinion, she believes that since Juniors and Seniors are closer to the end of their high school life, there is less risk in taking a field trip. Especially considering that the senior trip occurs after Senior finals; therefore, seniors aren’t required to return to class. In a sense, it is more of a downtime for the upperclassmen compared to the sophomores. In her opinion, the addition of a new principal will be interesting. Currently, Cosby is efficient and great at managing students, so the question is, “[what] he will keep, and what he will tweak.” As she says, it is not particularly about the money; the biggest restriction factor for sophomores is that they have the educational obligations that bind them. They have more core classes to work in rather than electives, therefore money is not a factor, and if it is, it is minor compared to the educational factors.

Interview with Ms. Morris:

Header Image Courtesy of OSU Special Collections