What is Beauty?

Julia Koperski

Beauty plays a big role in the lives of students, especially girls who feel committed to do their makeup every morning. Many parents also feel that school is more of a fashion show than a place to study. There is always a certain amount of rivalry between other people, especially girls in puberty who like to compare each other with girls from commercials or celebrities. But who actually determines who is beautiful and who is not?

Everyone knows the feminine beauty ideal is tall and thin. Some people even have plastic surgery just to comply with this ideal when they cannot achieve it themselves; the number of people signing up for cosmetic surgery is rising each year. Society today is very superficial. One example of this is that people are judged simply by the clothes they wear outside, and this leads many people, especially teenage girls, to feel stressed about how they look.

However, everyone should dress as they like because each person has their own beauty sense and taste. And in any case, inner beauty should always matter first, not the opinion of others. “It’s not the dress that makes the woman, it’s the woman that makes the dress,” says Louise Roe, a fashion journalist. This quote has a literal and a much more appreciated, metaphorical meaning. The literal is, obviously, that a woman could make a dress. In comparison, the metaphor behind it is that clothes should not decide how you want others to see you, because when the person feels good, the clothes compliment that feeling.

Another quote from fashion designer, Louis Vuitton is, “ Being happy never goes out of style.” With this quote, Louis is saying what fashion is all about, people feeling good about themselves. Nobody needs brand names, expensive clothes, or the new fad of the month to be happy. The quote states that the only important thing is that if they are happy, then they look good. So, overall, even without the quotes and the fancy metaphors, the lesson is this: in a world where beauty has become holy grail for many, be the person that is happy, regardless of looks, dress code, or anything else that could be weighing your confidence down.

Photo Courtesy of People Images