The Search

Sydney Gaff

Summer is a great time to have fun in the sun and be out with friends, but where is all of this money coming from a person might need to have a good time? Looks like it is time to do some job searching so that pocket money can become a reality.

There are some key things to remember when teenagers are looking for a summer job, but with some effort it can be done extremely easily.

For starters, the job search should be taken seriously. It can take extensive amounts of time and effort to look for jobs, even if it is just a summer job for a highschooler. With the right amount of research and time, a great summer job can be found.

Teenagers also need to be more flexible with their summer jobs. They need to look outside of the 5 mile radius from where they live and be more open to the idea of a little bit longer of a drive.

There will also be times where the social life will have to be set aside to be able to work weekends.

Sometimes it is also important to look for jobs outside of the comfort zone. Instead of only looking for a job in retail, maybe broaden the search and look for jobs like a cashier at a grocery store or being a waiter in a restaurant. Also look at newer stores and restaurant; sometimes even before new establishments open, they will need employees.

Some other tips for the job search include letting friends and family know about the search so that if they find a store or know a new business owner, they can put in a good word for you.

It is also important to be well dressed when going in for an interview. It is not necessary to go all out in an expensive outfit, but look presentable and do not wear items like workout clothes.

What ever summer job interests you, you should go out and at least try and apply for it, and if it does not work out, there are always plenty more!

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