SOLs: How to Cope

Jamie McEachin

It is that time of year again- SOLs are back. Whether teachers are beginning to review, or students are already taking them, SOLs will return with a vengeance and can often bring quite a lot of stress along with them. Students have to deal with a great deal of pressure when preparing to take SOLs or any form of standardized test.

“Personally, standardized testing is extremely stressful for me as a student. Due to the large amount of pressure that is put on students, the SOLs can seem like the end of the world,” says Alyson Boehling, a sophomore at Cosby high school.

Boehling suggests dealing with stress by taking a break, resting from studying and relaxing before getting back into the thick of it. “I cope with stress by taking time to myself. This can include reading, listening to music, and taking a walk,” says Boehling.

And while it might seem too simple of a fix, Boehling says, “In my opinion, obsessing over the stressor can only bring more anxiety into the situation. If I don’t take time to let go of a stressful situation it will just continue to weigh on me.”

“I think the stress that is produced from testing is a very negative effect on students in our school. Schools have become too focused on teaching for the test, rather than teaching for the good of the student,” says Boehling. So while SOLs are important, make sure to take care of yourself, too.

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