A Race for the Record

Cosby siblings set new records for track

Abigail Wierschem and Daniella Superlano

The Suffolk Stars Invitational carried a brand new level of excitement this year for Cosby High School. The Cosby siblings, Grant and Rachel Northcutt, set new meet and school records. These two siblings, Grant (sophomore) and Rachel (freshman), have been running track for over four years, and their parents have been interested in the sport even before then. “My dad ran when he was younger. My mom runs a lot, but [she] never did when she was younger,” says Grant describing how his family’s interest in running began. When asked about the experience of running with his sister, Grant says that it is “fun having a sister running track,” and that the competitiveness between them helps motivate them to do better.

“We focus on the little things like sleeping, eating right, and most importantly, our training,” says Rachel, when asked how having a sibling helps the two individually become better runners.

Grant’s interest in running began in elementary school and once he realized that he was “a pretty good runner,” by his own admission, he decided to continue pursuing it. Rachel was inspired by her brother since their days in elementary school and her brother is the very reason she picked up the sport. She says that her love for the sport only grows with each passing day, and she says that “having my brother by my side makes it even better.”

IMG_8302The Suffolk Stars Invitational was Grant and Rachel first indoor meet, and they had been mentally and physically, preparing for this 3200 m race all week. Rachel was the first to run and placed first in her division and broke the meet record at Suffolk Stars Invitational. “After my sister got first I wanted to do the same,” says Grant as he described his feelings about the competitive atmosphere around him, and the excitement to match his sister’s capabilities.

In the last half mile, Grant passed a runner and earned first place, achieving a new personal best as well as the new school record. Both Rachel and Grant find the experience of having a sibling on the team nothing short of inspiring, and as described by Rachel, the day that they set these new records was most definitely a “good day to be a Titan!”

Photo Courtesy of Abigail Wierschem and Daniella Superlano