5 Reasons That Going “Stag” To Prom Isn’t So Bad

Jordan Butler

Having trouble finding a date to prom? Thinking about skipping prom because you don’t want to go solo? Worry no longer! Here are 5 reasons that it is not so bad to go dateless.

Save Money!

It is much less expensive to go alone to prom. Senior Jon Crow says, “I spent like $300 on me and my girlfriend last year.” Even if you spend money on other aspects of prom (clothes, transportation, dinner) your night will still be much less expensive than having to pay for a date.

More Freedom!

Going with a partner means no more making compromises over who drives or who pays. Going solo means not having to deal with the stress that a partner might sometimes bring. It also means not having to drive someone home at the end of the night, which saves gas and could mean the difference between making curfew, or breaking it.

No Drama!

Let’s be real. Sometimes couples fight, especially on nights like prom because highly detailed plans tend to go wrong at some point or another. It is just a fact of life. Going alone, however, you skip all of the potential drama that a dance could bring. Go with a group of other solo friends, or with friends who do have dates, and enjoy the drama free night.

Less Pre-Planning!

Bringing a date usually involves lots of painstaking pre-planning and thinking ahead. Especially if he or she is from a different school. Not bringing a date saves all of the hassle even if group plans are made.

No Scary Parents to Deal With!

Bringing a date sometimes means dealing with protective parents. Not anymore! Going alone to prom means no more scary interrogation sessions and no crazy curfews imposed by overprotective parents.

Spending a prom alone could be a blast, or a nightmare. It is all in the attitude. Joining up with other single friends or friends with dates can be fun, you could even go by yourself. Better yet, if not the dancing type, skip prom and spend your money on the marvelous post prom that the PTSO puts on.

Header Photo Courtesy of Sean McGrath