Textbooks vs Chromebooks

A Teachers Point of View

Emily Wiggins

In recent news, textbooks have been replaced by technology. Chromebooks have jumped into Chesterfield County Public Schools to replace textbooks, binders, paper usage and more. For some, Chromebooks offer a greater ability to use the internet to find sources for projects and other assignments; others prefer to use textbooks and binders to learn. Both are necessary in today’s society, but do Chromebooks offer more than textbooks?

In CCPS, there is much debate among teachers over whether or not Chromebook use is better than learning from a textbook. One positive development attributed to Chromebooks is they allow more access to internet sources. Students, especially in high school, are being prepared for college and life after that. As the world evolves, new technology replaces old textbooks. For example, textbooks come in specific editions, and aren’t edited as new information occurs, whereas Chromebooks have internet access to the newest information.


Screenshot 2016-03-21 at 1.46.27 PM
75% of teachers use technology more than textbooks.

Chromebooks, for certain teachers, are an access tool to learning sites. Some teachers like the idea of taking notes on a document on the computer along with different techniques, so students remember what they hear. Quizlet is a popular site used for studying and learning. This type of program really helps teachers teach their lessons and able to make their students learn since most teenagers and under are using technology. ¨I like to use both, but I use technology because students respond better to technology,¨ says Mrs. Lopez-Perez, Spanish teacher at Cosby. Students are generally attracted to the bigger and better things that technology does offer. So, by using the Chromebook, teachers can engage students more easily.

Screenshot 2016-03-21 at 1.47.21 PM
15% of teachers use textbooks more than technology.

However, some teachers firmly believe a student only learns by writing down what they read out of a book, and the textbook is a necessity to teach and learn. It is also accessible wherever a student is. Textbooks reinforce reading skills that stick with a student forever. Most importantly, colleges still use textbooks. For a student to not know how to read one or interpret one before graduating high school creates a harder time at college for that student. One Dual Enrollment teacher, Mrs. Jackie Clark says, ¨Technology can advance all it wants, but textbooks will always be important.¨

As technology increases in schools, the debate will grow. Though, using a Chromebook or a textbook will all depend on the teacher and their preferences. However, both sides should agree: it is good for a student to learn how to use both since they are main sources to learning now.