Shanyn Valentine

Promposals have evolved from flowers and a question in the 1980s and 90s, to text messages and IMs in the early 2000s, to extravagant proposals, dazzling rhymes on posters, and thousands of views on YouTube in 2016. Because we have entered an era where more pressure is put on students to make the perfect prom proposal, the standards are higher every year. No longer are PromPosals the routine, “Hey you wanna go to prom?”

Over the course of the last several years, promposals have gained popularity, and people have come up with some crazy ideas. A teen in Boise, Idaho asked a significant other to prom by spray-painting the side of a mountain. And teens all over the country have been surprising boyfriends or girlfriends with police pranks, where they hire “police officers” to arrest their date, and surprise them with the promposal. One student even built a small scale version of the movie UP.

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Students are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to gain a following and show the world their extravagant promposal ideas. Several of these students have gained fame in the world of teen promposals and are inspiring students to even higher standards of promposals.

Even students with boyfriends and girlfriends buy into the promposal hype. Jules Ortega, a junior, who’s been dating her boyfriend for 4 months, says, “I told my boyfriend that if he doesn’t give me a promposal, I’m not going with him. I know that sounds shallow, but I’m a sucker for cute stuff.”

No matter what people think about promposals, they will continue to be a lasting trend, and provide students with long-lasting memories of their proms long after high school. The only problem now is coming up with an originally cute and romantic idea that people have not used yet.

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