How to Move to a New State, Painlessly

Autumn Hayes

Some people live lives that involve moving around a lot. Maybe it’s because of the military or some other job that causes them to leave the states they live in. Moving can be difficult to go through, so here are some tips to make the move go smoothly

Start Preparing In Advance

If the date of the move is known, start cleaning the house and packing up at least a week prior. Procrastination will only make it harder. Pack a week’s worth of clothes and hide any important, personal belongings, so the movers don’t pack them up by accident. Remind teachers when the last day of school will be and make sure you get those records and dismissal forms from the principal. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to get into a new school.

Don’t Get Attached

This is truly the hardest tip to follow. Sometimes it can be easy to get attached to a particular state, school, or person. But that is all changing soon, so remember to keep in mind that it’s not going to last. That may sound pessimistic, but remembering that it’s just another temporary home, school, and state can help to ease the inevitable pain that will be felt.

Keep In Contact

 Any friends, best friends or even boy/girlfriends made along the way is perfectly fine. Socialization is important, after all. If the relationship will indefinitely last long distance, keep in touch via phone, email, or any other social media.

Bring Entertainment

Plane flights, car rides, and hotel rooms galore can be very boring. A game console, mp3 player, book, tablet, or sketchbook can be used to ease the boredom.

Attitude Is Important

Moving is very stressful and can be saddening. A positive attitude must be attempted at all times to prevent episodes of depression or conflicts with family members. Smile when possible.

Keeping these tips in mind, the move, however tough it may be, will at least be somewhat easier to manage.

Editor’s Note: Autumn Hayes recently moved to North Carolina. This was her final article for The Bolt, and we miss her. Good luck in your new home Autumn. The Bolt won’t be the same without you.

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