10th Anniversary Yearbook

Kate Serrao

This year, Cosby’s yearbook is making exciting changes. In honor of the ten year anniversary of the opening of Cosby, the students in charge of the yearbook are making changes to the format and content of the 2015-2016 edition.

Sadie Sandifer, the Editor in Chief of the yearbook, says, “Almost everything will be different.” The biggest additions will be the senior quotes and templates that will be included on the 12th grade pages. Sandifer wants each senior to have a caption next to their portrait, which has never been done before.

In addition to the senior quotes, there will be other feature pages that the staff is calling “honor pages.”  These will be “for Dr. Mayo and other people who are retiring, and also for Mr. Averill, since he was the regional teacher of the year,” says Sandifer. These pages will include pictures of the staff who have been at Cosby for all ten years that the school has been open. The yearbook will also incorporate the Blue Ribbon award that Cosby won this year. Sandifer adds that like the first edition of the yearbook, there will be group pictures of the staff featured.

Rita Marie Hensley, the teacher in charge of the school’s yearbook, says that in addition to celebrating retiring teachers, the yearbook will be looking back at past students who have graduated over the past ten years. “We’re looking at students who have graduated already, and taking it from year one all the way through,” says Hensley. This will provide an interesting perspective on the lives of Cosby’s alumni.

Along with the changes in content, Hensley hints at possible changes in how the book will look, when she says, “We’ve added some extra little things that’ll make it look different. I don’t want to give too much away.”

It seems that students and staff at Cosby have much to look forward to with the release of Cosby’s newest edition of the yearbook.

Interview with Mrs. Hensley.


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Photos Courtesy of Kate Serrao