The Season of Glitter and Jazz Hands

Jennifer Plymale

The new year isSpotlight a busy time for students in Cosby’s show choirs, Spotlight and Rhapsody. Led by Mrs. Heather Andre, and supported by booster parents and Mr. Jason Peace, their choreographer, the shows come together each winter to reveal what students have been working on for months at the school’s annual Pyramid Concert.

This year, Spotlight, the mixed show choir, tells the combined story of Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a story of friendship, where a girl finds the safe side of her beast. James Gibson, a senior and co-show captain in Spotlight, always enjoys the beginning of competition season. To him, this group of singers and dancers is more like a family. Made up of 50 students, they let go of their grade level and see one another as people who are willing to put in as much as effort for the show to work cleanly. “We try to show and execute the best that’s possible,” Gibson says. “Lots of work is put into rehearsals. We condition to make sure that we are able to get through that 20-25 minutes on stage.”

This year, Rhapsody, the all girls show choir, has adapted the classic Cinderella story. However, the twist in this show is it is told from the Godmother’s perspective. The ladies of Rhapsody are members of Bibbity Boppity U: a fairy school. They help the new students succeed by having Cinderella’s dreams come true. “It touches the inner child of everybody in the audience,” says Stephanie Cerrato, dance captain of Rhapsody. “It takes me back to my younger self and reminds her that dreams do come true;” dreams like competing and receiving the Grand Championship title yet again. For years, Rhapsody has dominated these competitions because of their love for what they are doing. “It can be challenging, but it makes the end product so much more enjoyable and worth it,” she says.

As the season progresses, the choirs go to different competitions throughout the state, and the stakes become higher as they see others’ shows. This year they expanded their travels to Tennessee, performing at Belmont University.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at rehearsals for Spotlight’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast:

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