Talks with Terri

Hello! I am Terri the Titan. I am a Cosby senior, who has lived through the turmoils of high school. All of my advice is written from experience and based on advice I have found helpful in my own life, but by no means am I a counselor or doctor. If any problems you are having are serious please tell an adult.

Please submit anonymous questions to the “Terri the Titan” box in the library or email me at . All questions welcome.

A friend of mine is under suspicion for cheating on a test and an administrator is questioning me. What do I do?

  • It is always best to tell the truth. If you lie to the Cosby Staff, you could get in trouble yourself. You may request that you remain anonymous if you do not want to cause more tension.


I have volunteer hours due every semester, and I am in 4 AP classes as well. How am I supposed to balance my insane schedule?

  • First off, that is so great that you are so involved in your school! Colleges love to see that! But the best way to balance it all is to find a consistent place to volunteer, that way you don’t have to spend time looking up different organizations and calling to see if they have volunteer opportunities. Try looking at places within ten miles of your house, so it saves you gas and even more time! When it comes to the homework, give yourself incentives like a fun TV show or activity to do when you finish. Try not stay up too late as well, and if you find yourself having a lot of free time one afternoon, work ahead.


I want to get a job, but my parents are concerned about balancing it with my schoolwork. What should I tell them?

  • Your parents have a right to be concerned. Many students who work on school nights usually find themselves getting less sleep because of the schoolwork they have to do afterwards. My best advice would be to talk to your parents and ask them if you could work mainly on weekends or only up to two times in a school week. Finding a job that will honor that schedule is not always easy, so make sure that you clearly tell management your availability.