Interested in a Trip to Europe?

Julia Koperski

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Do you like old buildings and great food? Why not travel to Germany? Germany is known all over the world for its spectacular automotive engineering, delicious beer, and its rich history, including sights like the Berlin Wall.

The flight can take about 10 hours and depends on which direction the plane is flying; either way, it will be a long flight. Frau Lee, who has travelled many times to Europe and especially to Germany, believes Munich is one of the best cities to visit. Munich is centrally located, has a lot to offer, and the people are very friendly and polite. Munich also has many popular tourist attractions, including the BMW museum. It is also where Germany’s Oktoberfest is held every year.

But no matter what time of year tourists visit, the people who live in Germany are great, too. Usually the Germans love tourists, and they want to make sure that they’re having a good time. Many people are very excited and impressed with the German food, but most of the time, tourists prefer to eat the bread and sausage. However, other German food includes schnitzel and spaetzle. “It’s a very open culture! It’s definitely not what people expected,” says Ms. Lee. Overall, a trip outside the United States is costly and has a long flight, but for the food and great experiences, it is definitely worth it.

Many people are interested in a trip to Europe also visit countries like Spain, Poland, France, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Most people would recommend a traveler invest in a 10-12 day trip and spend close to two weeks in Europe. When it comes to seasons, July and August are always a good time to travel, as it will not be too cold in these countries. Tourists will see popular cities like Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, and Munich, and visit can visit Prague in the Czech Republic and Lucerne or Zurich in Switzerland.

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