Health Science Specialty Center

Emily Wiggins

At Cosby High School, we offer one of the best specialty center programs: Health Science. Students enrolled in the program study the art of medicine in order to prepare them for a medical career.

In eighth grade, Chesterfield County students apply to different specialty centers housed in high schools all over Chesterfield County. A student must complete a questionnaire, write an essay on why they should be chosen for the program, and then attend an interview with two or three other students. At Cosby, the Health Science program only accepts about 80 kids out of over three hundred applicants. With such slim pickings every year, one may wonder: Why is it so important to be a part of this program, and does it really matter?

20160212_135859-1 (1)
Students actively learning about the human body. Photo from Ms. Rogers.

Senior Kaitlyn Mays believes the health science program is a great ways for students “with a similar interest…to meet and learn together.” Each specialty center helps students narrow down their interests to one major career they want to pursue. This specific center offers classes that focus on more health related sciences like anatomy, parasitology, and medical Spanish.

Along with the classes, the center takes field trips year-round to hospitals and other clinical and medical sites to explore the world of medicine and offer these select students a chance to see what their jobs might really include. This experience also helps with college applications and invitations to colleges, since the Health Science program has connections with local universities and community colleges. Perks also include lunch on the last Friday of every month.for students within the program to make elective choices.

Students being hands on in Health Sci. Photo from Ms. Rogers.

“Many students feel that a main benefit of the program is the ability to have small class sizes and get individual,” says Olivia Walker, junior. Walker also noted that one drawback of the program is the extensive schedule that sometimes makes it difficult

Even though Health Science Center has a few minimal drawbacks, it is still an amazing program to the students and offers a wide base of knowledge needed to begin a career in the medical field. It is a great head-start program to anyone who enters the medical field and looks great on college applications.