Senior Assassin

Madison Winter and Kate Serrao

Senior Traditions

Throughout Cosby’s ten years, the seniors have both adopted and created many traditions. Some of these include Monday pajama days, holiday fiesta Fridays, and wearing togas on the last day of spirit week.

One of the favorite of these traditions is Senior Assassin, an elimination game run by the students and not affiliated with the school. During several rounds of competition, seniors who sign up are required to tag their assigned target with Nerf guns. Of all of the traditions practiced by seniors at Cosby, Senior Assassin is one of the most highly anticipated.

The game Senior Assassin has been played at Cosby for several years now, and is highly popular. This year 104 out of 494 students played, over a fifth of the class. The competition requires the participating seniors to tag their assigned target with a foam Nerf bullet.

There are strict guidelines for play, and Pamela Caburian, the senior class president and the student in charge of Senior Assassin, shared that the most important of these are that students cannot be tagged inside their home, on school property, or while they are at work. Each elimination requires proof, either a video or witnesses.

In late October, Pamela Caburian began organizing the fall round of Senior Assassin. Her first step was raising awareness, and setting up a Twitter account to get people involved. Once the Twitter page had gained enough followers, Pam collected dues and organized those who were playing. Two nights before the start of the game, she used a program to assign targets. “I placed all the players names on a spreadsheet and had it randomly assign people their assigned person,” she says. Once everybody had a person to tag, she sent messages to those playing and told them who they were assigned.

While Pam was organizing the mechanics, the competitors were stocking up on toy Nerf guns and the foam bullets they shoot. The first phase of the competition began on Monday November 16th, and lasted until Saturday the 29th. Throughout the week, many people were eliminated. People were tagged in a wide range of places ranging from Chipotle to dance class. Pamela recommends “staying inside of your house at all times” in order to avoid elimination.  

Every time an “assassination” occurred, a video had to be posted to Twitter in order to prove the target was out. The game moved quickly, and soon the competition pool had dwindled considerably. At the end of the first two-week long phase, all those who failed to eliminate their targets were out as well. Before the start of the second phase, only 29 seniors were left.

New assignments were given out shortly before the second phase began, and the remaining seniors started to tag their targets within several days. The phase ended December 11th at midnight, and the game was paused during winter vacation. The third and final phase took place during the first several weeks of January and once it was down to two people, it lasted until the middle of February. Kayla Panella was the proud champion of Senior Assassin and the winner of over $400, while Brenna Killar took home $90 and the pride of being runner-up. When asked whether or not there will be a spring round of Senior Assassin, Pamela said, “Absolutely.”

For those who didn’t compete in the first round, a new game will be organized and completed in a few short months. Cosby seniors enjoy all of their fun traditions, but their graduating year simply would not be the same without the excitement of Senior Assassin.

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