10th Anniversary Edition: Becoming the Best High School in the Nation

Abby Wierschem and Daniella Superlano

Mrs. Hensley, Mr. Averill, and Frau Lee. What do all these teachers have in common? They are a few of the many teachers who have been at Cosby since its beginning and know the ins and outs of the school. They have witnessed the school’s story from the first day and seen the Cosby community develop into “the best high school in the nation.”

In 2006, Cosby High School opened its doors to students from all around Chesterfield County. Students came from different high schools, such as Clover Hill, Manchester, and Matoaca to embark on a brand new journey with enthusiastic supervisors and teachers. During the first year of Cosby, the school only had freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Instructors and students alike had to melt different traditions to form a united community.

As the years went on, Cosby began to see growth in students’ pride for being a Titan. Because of the  different backgrounds each student had come from, this was not so easy of a task at first. But the teachers and administration were able to collaborate different ideas from all of the students and create a cohesive atmosphere of traditions that lives on until this very day. Cosby High began to introduce new programs and form new clubs. Though this was a change for the inaugural staff, everyone worked together and supported one another throughout every task.

The librarians have also begun to experience changes within the interest of their students, and Ms. Hedricks says they are often “lined up at the door” in the mornings, anticipating the moment the library opens.

In 2016, Cosby has developed to become an exemplary school within Chesterfield county. Cosby is now recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School and some even say, “the best high school in the nation.” Mrs. Hensley, the head of the English department, attributes Cosby’s successes to all  the teachers of Cosby, “who have been willing to go that extra mile.” She says, “Cosby started strong, and we kept that up.”

A major enhancement for learning has been the technology added to the school system. Utilizing the Chromebooks has changed the way teachers present lessons and how students learn, in and out of the classroom. The technology allows for more culture and information to be brought to students.

Cosby High School was built from a clash of students in 2006, and it has grown to a united community of Titans in 2016. Throughout the 10 years of Cosby, the school has quickly grown to be “the best high school in the nation”.

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The Spirit of Cosby: