A Hypnotizing Show

Tom DeLuca is at Cosby for one night and one night only.

Daniella Superlano and Abigail Wierschem

Tom DeLuca, The Corporate Hypnotist,  takes the stage on March 8th at 7PM in the Cosby auditorium for his annual comedy hypnosis show. Known on campuses everywhere as the 4-Time National College Entertainer of The Year, this won’t be DeLuca’s first time on Cosby’s stage. Some of his more popular acts include hypnotizing students to talk like aliens and dance on stage. In the past, students have made crazy signs to be noticed by DeLuca because at each show, junior and senior student volunteers are chosen join him on stage. The show is two hours long, and totally worth the experience of seeing friends looking ridiculous.  

Tickets are $7 and available at all school lunches on March 7th and 8th. This spellbinding show has been sold out in past years, and Cosby is preparing for another outrageous show.