Exchange Students

Julia Koperski

Every year Cosby High School hosts exchange students from different countries around the world. This year, five students will stay with host families from August until June. The students are from Germany, Switzerland,Italy and India.

One of the main reasons teens become an exchange student is because they want to experience something new or change their environment. Most of the time, however, parents are not very happy knowing their child is going to stay 10 months with a host family who they do not know. They’re worried about their child and tend to think that it is too far away. When your family sees how important it is for you, they will support it. Laura Schrader, an exchange student from Germany says that when she first came to the United States she was scared to meet her host family, but now she goes with them everywhere and couldn’t imagine living with a different one. “It’s like I have a family here.” says Laura.

The first day of school was difficult for all of the exchange students, but now everybody seems to have found some good friends and is loving it. One of the most common things exchange students get is questions about their home life. “Many of the friends I made came from them asking about my accent and where I was from,” says Sophie Kunz, an exchange student from Switzerland. All the exchange students also say that the school is here much bigger than in their country. “Here there are so many people, you don’t even know every person.” says Virginia Corradini, from Italy.

The exchange students have also seemed to notice how “into the holidays” Americans get. All of the students agreed that Americans have so many decorations for each holiday and that people go crazy. Lastly, all foreigners mentioned that Americans like to go to only one store and get everything they need, unlike in their home countries, where there is a variety of stores to go to.

All of the exchange students have in fact confirmed that the time spent in American runs very fast, so enjoying time spent and making the best memories is crucial. Being an exchange student may seem scary at first, but in the end you make new friends, create a bond with a new family, and learn a lot about yourself.

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