Spain Trip

Maggie Kennedy

Every year, two of Cosby’s Spanish 5 teachers, Mrs. Southall and Mr. Lanigan, take a group of young, ambitious students to Spain for three weeks to learn about Spanish culture, religion, and other aspects of Spanish life.

The annual trip to La Herradura, Spain is very extravagant. Each summer, around the time school gets out, 16 to 18 students hop on a plane to head over there. Students are paired with a  roommate and live with a Spanish speaking host family. Each host family is different and may or may not have children. However, students always get to know their host family throughout the trip, no matter its makeup. Most of the families speak little to no English, allowing the traveling students to speak Spanish as much as possible.

To start the day, students wake up, eat a light breakfast with their host family, and go about their day. Students are required to go to school while in Spain, but don’t let this discourage you if you are interested in the trip. The school is very simple, fun, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Class is from 9-1 everyday, with about 8 people per class. Once class is over, students have the rest of the day to choose what they’d like to do. At 2 o’clock, students must report back to their host families where there will be a large meal prepared for them, that will usually keep them full for the rest of the day until they eat another light meal at around 9 or 10 that night.

Throughout the trip, there are many activities to choose from, and students are guaranteed never to be bored. Some of these activities include hiking, kayaking on the Mediterranean Sea, shopping, going to museums, playing volleyball, and without a doubt, swimming. Students will also get the opportunity to travel to different parts of Spain, such as Malaga, Granada, Nerja, and Madrid. Since Spain’s currency is the Euro, students will also be able to learn how to exchange US currency for Euros.

On the very last night in Spain, the Spaniards have a celebration called Fiesta de San Juan, a large picnic on the beach. It starts at 10 o’clock, and students sit with their group in front of a bonfire, tell ghost stories, and eat delicious food on the beach. At midnight, all of the students run into the water to celebrate their time being in Spain. ¨It truly was the best experience of my life and I want to go back so badly,¨ says Cassie Dopp, who traveled to Spain last summer.

Mrs. Southall and Mr. Lanigan have been traveling to Spain for a total of 21 years, making each year more memorable than the last. ¨Going to Spain is probably the greatest life changing experience in your life,¨ says Mrs. Southall, who will be traveling to Spain for her 17th year this summer.