International Night

Maggie Kennedy

Every year, around the middle of February, Cosby hosts an International Night in the cafeteria and auditorium. This year, International Night will be held on February 18th.

International Night is an evening full of different dances, languages, and especially food. Originally created to be set up like a talent show, International Night is very entertaining to almost everyone who comes.

The show is split up into two different parts: first, tables are set up i the cafeteria with foods from many different countries. Some are homemade from students and others are brought in from ethnic restaurants. Last year, pizza, tacos and burritos, and sushi were served. Some students who make food often have a presentation to go along with their snack, so the guests are able to receive a little bit of knowledge as they eat.

While the guests munch on snacks in the cafeteria, people in the auditorium are setting up and rehearsing for the talent show portion of International Night. This begins at 5:30PM and lasts until 9PM. The talent show consists of many different acts performed by students at Cosby. A majority of theses acts relate to a certain country and are most popularly shown through different types of dances such as salsa, tango, and ballet.    

International Night is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone who comes out, especially if you love good food and interesting music!