DECA: From Districts to States

Keara Meeley


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DECA was formed in 1946 to prepare future leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

Business, finance, hospitality, marketing, sales, and service; a program at Cosby throughout the school’s 10 years, DECA prepares high school and college students for future jobs in these fields and more.

Cosby’s branch of the student organization currently has 190 members who have been recruited through Cosby’s business and marketing classes. Any student enrolled in a business or marketing oriented class has the ability to be a part of the program, but they are not guaranteed the ability to compete in role play competitions that utilize marketing and business terminology and strategies.

Recently, all DECA members had the opportunity to attend the District Leadership Competition. The competition took place at ECPI University in Richmond VA and over hundreds of high school students attended. Students chose a category, such as marketing management or hotel management, and then completed roleplays. The follow up competition is the State Leadership Competition that takes place in VA beach.

A DECA member can attend the state competition by competing at districts and receiving first or second place in their category. Students who received third position or other high scores have the ability to be chosen to perform at states with a partner. “They have to have competed at districts in order to go to States and be a part of a team,” says Mrs. DeFrancesco, a marketing teacher at Cosby.

Cosby can take up to eight teams, meaning sixteen people who did not make first or second place can attend. Seniors in the marketing management class also have the ability to go. “Students in the marketing management class write a business plan, known as a manual, that is anywhere from 5 to 30 pages depending on the category. They then present it to the judges,” says Mrs. DeFrancesco. The winning contestants then get to continue on to States.

Being a part of DECA allows students to gain skills that are valuable in all fields of study and looks great on a college application. Consider signing up for a business or marketing related class next year!