Talking with Terri


Hello! I am Terri the Titan. I am a Cosby senior, who has lived through the turmoils of high school. All of my advice is written from experience and based on advice I have found helpful in my own life, but by no means am I a counselor or doctor. If any problems you are having are serious please tell an adult.


Please submit anonymous questions to the “Terri the Titan” box in the library or email me at . All questions welcome.


I fall asleep every night while doing homework, what should I do to try to stay awake and finish my work?

The first thing to think about is what time you are doing your homework; if it is late at night, of course you will fall asleep. First, simply try to get your homework out of the way earlier, right after school, to avoid staying up late. Another option is to drink caffeine in the morning and throughout the day, so you are more awake during the day. By being more awake during the day, you can be more productive during and after school. Avoid having coffee at night and finish homework sooner, so you can get a good night’s rest. (Only drink coffee if you are comfortable with caffeine.) If you have to do homework late at night, do not lay down in your bed and instead at a desk, so you are not tempted to fall asleep.


I have lost all my motivation for school. I don’t know what to do!

The first thing to think about is that high school is not forever and this time in our lives leads to a much more exciting and independent phase. No matter what you plan on doing with your life, it all depends on the present moment. The easiest way to get through seemingly pointless tasks in school is to set goals. First, start out with your main goal, such as get an A in History. Next, break up your goal into smaller steps. For example, take each assignment one by one. Planning out each step to reach your goal will make you feel rewarded for each step you accomplish.


What do you do when you don’t get along with your teachers?

Remember that your teachers are trying their very best to give you a good education. Even if you don’t agree with some of their methods, you must remain respectful so that you don’t get detention, ISD, or set a bad impression. When the time comes for college recommendation letters, you want to be able to have a large pool of options for teachers that you may get solid, strong recommendations from.


How am I supposed to juggle Advanced Placement classes AND college applications/scholarships?

Multi-tasking between high school and college life can be very stressful. Make note of all of your college/high school deadlines on a calendar, so you can keep track of all of it and stay on top of your deadlines. Try to work ahead on both your college and high school work anytime that you can so that you do not find yourself frantically typing up a part of your college application at 11:45 PM that is due at 11:59 PM. It looks best if your application is done completely on time, so you keep a professional image. Remember, your Mid-Year Report is sent to all of your colleges as well so try to divide your afternoons between homework and college work.

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