Service Clubs

Madison Winter

Many students often find themselves struggling to find service hour opportunities towards the end of January and in May, when hours are due to various service clubs. Even after club meetings with detailed powerpoints of service opportunities after service opportunities, students still have difficulty finding hours. Here are tips and easy service hour opportunities to help struggling members of the three main service clubs: Beta, NHS, and NAHS.

Beta: Beta Club is one of the more demanding service clubs because it has an 8 hour requirement per semester. Many students struggle to find 8 hours of volunteer work and fit those hours into their demanding school and life schedules. However, there are some simple and easy ways to earn those hours. First, two hours can be earned over the summer so that only makes for six during the semester. Secondly, every teacher in the school needs help; whether it is organizing, hole punching, stapling, or cleaning white boards. Teachers have trouble finding time in their busy schedules to do these simple tasks, so students can easily rack up their service hours by helping a teacher. Finally, there is a Beta Club bulletin board outside of Mrs. Winter’s room (221) where you can find service hour sheets and service opportunities. Also, all members should be members of the Beta Club Edmodo page where service opportunities are posted regularly.

interview with Ms. Winter.

NHS: Students also have a difficult time collecting hours for the National Honor Society requirement, even though their hour requirements are less at 6. They only meet a few times every year, so the students lack the luxury of being reminded about opportunities every month. However, every NHS member should be apart of the Google Classroom page and there, Mrs. Baucom posts service opportunities regularly. If someone is not not able to check Classroom, there are still easy ways to earn hours. NHS members also have a huge second semester opportunity to earn all 6 hours. There is a walk/run for ASK that lasts all day whether it is participating, cheering, or helping set up, and it benefits teenage kids who are suffering from cancer. It is to benefit and raise money for these children and can also be a great way to earn service hours. It will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. and the last day to register is April 10th. More information can be found on the bulletin board outside of Mrs. Baucom’s room. Something the honor society has just started, which is a very simple way to earn hours, is bringing in $5 gift cards to any place teenagers would enjoy (Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, etc.) and each gift card equals 1 hour. These simple and easy opportunities are a great way to reach 6 hours per semester.
NAHS: National Art Honor Society runs their hours a bit differently than the other two clubs. The NHS system requires a student to earn 50 points by the end of the year to stay in the club. Because the honor society runs on points instead of hours, there are a number of simple and easy ways to earn these points that do not require a lot of time. The first way is constructing art packets for the elementary school children around Christmas time. By completing 6 art packages, a member can earn 30 points, over half of what is required for the whole year. At the end of the year, there is another big point opportunity, the Fine Arts Festival held at different high schools every year. By helping set up or take down, 50 points are easily completed. However, if one of these big point opportunities is missed, there are other ways to earn points. By going to an art museum, a member can earn 5 points, but this is only allowed twice. Also, 5 points can be earned by going to a play, concert, or musical. Throughout the year, Mr. Linkowitz, Mrs. Rowley, and Mrs. Braun come up with other original point opportunities that are as simple as bringing in plants for the courtyard, something they did last year, or bringing in soda for the induction ceremony.

Header Photo Courtesy of Hero Images

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