Cosby’s Cultural Clubs

Fahim Rahman

Food. Language. Games. Culture. Cosby High School offers a variety of clubs for students to join, but those focused on celebrating and exploring the diverse cultures of Cosby are all very popular with the student body.

Cosby students are members of organizations such as the African-American Culture Club, Asia Club, as well as Latin, Spanish, German, and French clubs. Activities can range from learning songs and dances to making food and art.


Clubs generally meet once a month and many host meetings on different days of the week, but it is not uncommon for many of the clubs to come together for festivals and events. Additionally, there are upcoming events for cultural clubs outside of regular meetings. Around international holidays such as Valentine’s Day, the clubs have meetings to provide insight into the history and celebrations of each culture.

IMG_0249“International Night” is the largest cultural extracurricular event at Cosby. This year, the Cosby International Night will be held on Thursday, February 18th at 7PM. Spanish club sponsor, Mark Lanigan says this event is about “celebrating any culture of any student at Cosby.” He says that they have been doing this for several years. Lanigan adds, “There will be performances and many other enjoyable activities so that people will be able to experience a multitude of cultures.”

Chesterfield County will also be hosting a Spanish culture celebration called “La Feria” on Saturday, March 5th at Clover Hill High School from 10 AM to 3 PM. The event will be carnival-themed, and entertainment will include games, dance, cooking, and art competitions. Of course, authentic Spanish food will be available. The cost to attend is $20, but along with all the entertainment and food provided, t-shirts will also be handed out.

One questions Cosby students might ask is “Are world language clubs open to students not enrolled in those courses?” Absolutely! As Matt Kozak, secretary of the German club, says, “We don’t exclude anyone. It’s more about learning the culture of it rather than just the language.”


The officers and sponsors who arrange the activities that these language clubs offer are well experienced with a variety of world cultures but hope to expose all Cosby students to all the knowledge available in world culture. This means that membership to such clubs is available to any students interested. Lanigan says, “The teachers enjoy what they teach, but we want the students to enjoy it. We want the students involved.” These clubs are centered around students being immersed in culture and developing a deeper understanding of the world. Cosby’s cultural clubs are always worth the time.


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