How To Be Social

Autumn Hayes


“How are you?”

“What’s your name?”

Sometimes, words that flawlessly spew out of most mouths, can be pent up and nervously held back in the minds of others. For some, starting a conversation isn’t easy; but with these tips, communication and socialization can be mastered in no time.

  1.     Relax: Relaxing may be hard, but some tips on relaxation include breathing deeply and slowly, reading, doing yoga, listening to music, and taking a nap. There are many other ways to calm down, but what’s most important in this step is finding what option would work best for you. If you are in public and need to relax, deep breathing is usually the best choice. One would look weird doing yoga while in the shopping mall.
  1.      Find a Suitable Social Environment: At a school, social circles aren’t hard to find, but any crowded places can bring social trouble for some. Try finding a group of people that seem friendly enough while also sharing your interests and ideals. Finding like minded people can often curb your nerves and calm your mind; however, you aren’t done yet.
  1.      Conversation Starters: “Hi” and “What’s up?” don’t always work because the conversation may get stalled. An easier way to start a conversation is by simply complementing the individual. “I like your shirt/hair/etc” can easily bring up great lines of conversation. A person naturally wants to talk about themselves, so the other person the center of the conversation  makes it easier to be social.
  2.      Listen: Yes, actually listen to the person you are speaking with. Showing that you understand and are interested in what they are saying will make the individual much more comfortable in their surroundings. It’s one of the great “Friendship Starters” as well as a “Friendship Keeper.”
  1.      Be Yourself!: This is the most important tip of all. Just act natural, and everything else will fall into place. People can easily tell a faker who is trying too hard from someone who is genuine and honest about themselves.

   However helpful these tips may be, socialization doesn’t just magically appear. So, get off the computer and go make some friends.



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